Oven Cleaning

Professional Oven Cleaning

“We will make your place sparkle, smelling fresh and looking clean…”

Everyone would like a clean oven, cooker or extractor! Do you?

The thing is that no one enjoys cleaning it! Here we come us, the professionals, we clean ovens on a daily basis and therefore have the knowledge and equipment to do the job effectively!

We come in with just bio and eco friendly products for your totally peace of mind!
All we leave behind us is a sparkling clean oven, cooker or extractor!
It doesn’t matter how dirty you think your oven, cooker or extractor is, don’t worry, we have seen and cleaned worse!

Don’t spend your precious time worrying about oven, cooker or extractor cleaning, just leave us do the hard work for you. We do clean all types of ovens, from the smallest domestic model to the largest double ranges and Agas.

We will clean your oven professionally, remove all grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits from a range of kitchen application.
We will leave your oven in sparkling condition.

The method

We will inspect your oven and advise you of any damage or defects that may impact on their ability to thoroughly clean it. We will also estimate the time needed to complete the job.

To protect the area around the oven, and to minimise any mess, we will lay dustsheets in front of the oven and tea towels on units around the area to be cleaned.

We take all removable parts like: shelves, racks, grill pans, self-cleaning panels, roasting trays, fan, etc. out to the van where we dip them in a heated tank to soak for the grease and burnt on food deposits to be erased.

We return to the oven shell where our specially developed, caustic and fumes free formula is applied to the interior of the oven. Using our cleaning tools, some technique and hard work, all traces of carbon, grease and fat are removed leaving the oven like in new condition.

The doors are removed and where is possible split apart to clean between the glass (Please note: this is not possible with side-hung doors or where the door is a sealed unit) and door panel, fan plate on an electric oven are removed and cleaned. Any carbon behind the fan is removed as this is the usual cause of smoking from the oven at high temperatures and in extreme cases can be a fire hazard.

The oven is re-assembled, polished and the exterior degreased. Stainless steel ovens / hobs and extractors are also oiled leaving a lovely polished finish.

Extractor hoods also receive a free primary filter included in the cost IF needed. We can also replace bulbs IF needed.

“We will make your place sparkle, smelling fresh and looking clean…”

Clean your Carpets or Upholstery along your Oven, Cooker or Extractor in one go and we ca offer you a better deal. For more information do not hesitate to contact us info@hertscarpetcleaning.com  Tel   01727822167 / 07884298519.

We clean

Ovens, Hobs, Extractors,Agas & Rayburns, Rangemasters, Microwaves, BBQs, Racks, Fridges, Freezers & Dishwashers

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