Car Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Car Upholstery Cleaning

Treat your vehicle upholstery to the very best and most reliable on-site car upholstery cleaning and restoration service available in Hertfordshire and North London.

Our services suit private, trade and retail customers. We specialize in: car upholstery cleaning, caravan upholstery cleaning, coach upholstery cleaning, commercial vehicle upholstery cleaning, minibus upholstery cleaning, motor home and van upholstery cleaning.
Our services can also cover the valeting of light commercial vehicles, mobile homes, motorbikes, mini buses.

Book your Car Upholstery Cleaning

To book your upholstery cleaning please call our St Albans office 01727822167 / 07884298519 or email us on If you are thinking about getting your upholstery cleaned, why not consider our rug and carpet cleaning services at the same time?
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The process

Number one

Step 1

Prior to cleaning, our fully trained and insured technicians will carry out a thorough inspection to determine the most suitable products and process for cleaning your upholstery. In most cases we recommend the following hot water extraction process.

Number 2

Step 2

To extract dust, grit and other dry soil and prevent a muddy residue forming, when liquid cleaners are applied.

Number 3

Step 3

Particularly stubborn spots and stains are pre-spotted with specialized biodegradable cleaning agents.

Number 4

Step 4

We work the fibres from four different directions to further lift the carpet pile

Number 5

Step 5

(sometimes referred to as steam cleaning)
Powerful jets pump specialized cleaning solution deep into the pile of your upholstery, while simultaneously extracting the grime, grease and stain laden moisture leaving them totally clean and dry within 4-6 hours.