Carpet Cleaning in Harpenden

Deep Carpet Cleaning Harpenden

“We will make your place sparkle, smelling fresh and looking clean…”

Looking for a reliable and professional carpet cleaning company? Herts Carpet Cleaning are a locally based, professional cleaning company, who have been cleaning properties in and around Harpenden for years.

Whether you are a tenant or property owner in Harpenden, Herts Carpet Cleaning can make sure your carpets look as good as new again. Carpets see a lot of wear and tear over time but instead of buying new carpets, we would recommend having your carpets deep cleaned on a regular basis.

Herts Carpet Cleaning follow a 7-step carpet cleaning process to not only remove surface dirt but dirt that’s been buried deep in the carpet’s fibres. This will ensure that stains and spots are removed, as well as bacteria and dust mites.

Why not put us to the test! Many other customers have and are very happy with the results. For a free, no-obligation quote, fill in our enquiry form or call us today on 01727 822 167.

Our carpet cleaning process

Number one

Step 1

We test for colour fastness and colour bleed, as well as types of fibres to choose the most appropriate cleaning agent

Number 2

Step 2

Removal of any surface dirt

Number 3

Step 3

Breaks down larger spots and soil

Number 4

Step 4

We work the fibres from four different directions to further lift the carpet pile

Number 5

Step 5

This lifts all the dirt that has been been dislodged and kills bacteria

Number 6

Step 6

Persistent stains are given extra treatment

Number 7

Step 7

The final flourish to leave your carpets looking great!

Our carpet cleaning team in Harpenden is fully trained and insured. We are respected for our high level of professionalism, commitment to service, affordable prices, and amazing results. Our cleaning agents are safe and non-toxic, as well as being pet and child-friendly.

We would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote over the phone or by visiting your home.

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